In September of 1975 nearly 5000 men gathered for a three day conference held at the Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City Missouri. The '75 Shepherd's Conference was attended by Charismatic leaders from around the world. This post and the audio recording at the end are about the last night of the conference. 

"Many people have said that it was the single most powerful meeting that they ever attended, and that the message was the most inspiring and riveting that they had ever heard." This is still true today for those of us that were in attendance. 

The New Wine Magazine issue of November 1975 in its official report of THAT night at Kansas City said?

"The climax of the conference came Friday night at the last sessionAs praise and worship poured forth with increasing and deepening quality, the Presence of God filled the entire auditorium

As the worship heightened, the Word of the Lord came forth in a scriptural exhortation from Joshua 5:13-15, the story of Joshua's encounter with the Captain of the Lord's hosts. When His command to Joshua was read; "Remove your sandals from your feet for the place where you are standing is holy", all present simultaneously removed their shoes, moving even further into worship.

Next prophecy came forth directing the men to bow down in the Presence of God. 4, 500 men went prostrate before the Lord, initiating an awesome period of deep intercession. (At one point a lone A cappella voice from above sang the Lord's prayer.)

At intervals throughout the worship, intercessory prayer was offered for God's sovereign movement in America, and for the realization of maturity in the Body of Christ throughout the world.

Against this backdrop of worship, Ern Baxter came forward to speak on the theme, "Thy Kingdom Come!" As Ern portrayed the majesty and Lordship of Christ throughout eternity and the inevitability of Jesus' victory, both now and at the end of the age, the men repeatedly came to their feet in spontaneous worship, acknowledging the King of Kings and rejoicing at the end result of Jesus' Lordship, the establishment of His Kingdom by His supreme authority.

At the close of his message Ern instructed the gathering to greet each other, embracing and praying for one another in a spirit of love. As his request was carried out all over the auditorium, the Spirit of God moved among the men, breaking down barriers, dissolving suspicions and healing relationships. And that was how the conference ended. With brothers in Christ affirming and blessing one another, pledging love and faithfulness, leaving the auditorium united in the love of Jesus Christ.

As they left the auditorium, they sang, "He is Lord." The men sang through the streets of Kansas City.

Below is Ern Baxter's message Thy Kingdom Come from the 1975 Shepherd's Conference held in Kansas City Missouri September 23rd through 26th.

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