This photo of the Sea of Galilee was taken from the shore at Capernum. It is just down from the Apostle Peter's house and the ruins of the ancient synogouge.

Researching drip irrigation greenhouse farming on a Kibbutz in Israel

Researching drip irrigation greenhouse farming on a Kibbutz in Israel

My name is Rick Fox and I’m a retired Investment Banker.

My background includes being in senior management for the investment firm controlled by George Herbert Walker III, first cousin to George Herbert Walker Bush, and during the 1970’s I was on Derek Prince’s ministry teams in the US, Great Britain, Germany, Austria and Israel.

I was also on the leadership teams that put together the 1975 Shepherd’s Conference with nearly 5,000 men from around the world and the 1977 Charismatic Renewal Conference in Kansas City that hosted more than 40,000 believers for over 5 days. In September of 1978 I quietly left the Charismatic Movement for what I saw leadership doing to the body of Christ.

My primary education is in economics and business. Between college and graduate school I was drafted into the US Army in 1968 and served in the Chaplain Corp.

During my time on Wall Street, I became a Registered Principal, Senior Vice President and Director of Financial Services and in 1979 a Certified Financial Planner. My primary expertise as an investment banker was restructuring troubled businesses and bad investments.

I live with my wife Barbara on a horse farm in western Missouri. We have two grown daughters and two granddaughters.

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